Airbendermusic is an expression of its protagonists’ use to describe a catalyst to what they call their universal energy. In this case it is expressed through light which rides the waves of darkness. The experience is a foreboding journey lead by various and often deeply inviting characters.

Kiko King & creativemaze is a Berlin based cross-media project whose approach to music is reminiscent of the rough electro-minimal wave with its dark, uncompromising beats and gentle harmonies mixed with uplifting, heartfelt lyrics. They call it "Airbendermusic" - a maze of eccentricity, which is definitely something you should not pass up.

At the core of the group there is the one and only Kiko King who has kept his true identity and personal history unknown. Producer creativemaze provides the perfect sonic foundation for Kiko. He impresses with his understanding of broad, atmospheric soundscapes inspired by a healthy mix of imagination and perfectionism. In his productions he moves freely through a multitude of genres while always maintaining his unique musical fingerprint.

2016 is Kiko King & creativemaze's year. After releasing three bulding up EPs and having traveled half the world on tour with the electronic-art musical legends GusGus filling clubs on both sides of the Atlantic the German-American duo will release their debut album „Gnothi Seauton“ via Mesanic Music this year.



Single Resolution for Solitude is OUT NOW!


Datum Stadt Location
19.04.17 Moskau, Russland LES Club
20.04.17 St. Petersburg, Russland Gestalt Club
21.04.17 Charkiw, Ukraine Moskvich Bar
22.04.17 Kiev, Ukraine Closer Club